Side Effects and Death?

So, it’s the 8th day of being sick and even on the 7th day God rested. Give me a Break!

The Levofloxacin has weird side effects.    Did you ever notice if you read the side effects on the bottles of whatever prescriptions the doctors give you, you seriously think you probably shouldn’t take them?  Oh my gosh, this one actually said, possible joint pain, chest problems, heart problems, death.  Yep, it said..death can occur.  I think that was only with overdose but still…  your feeling sick to die when you get the stuff and now I have to worry about death with something that is supposed to help me?  Really?  I don’t think I read Mouth Sores in that long list of side effects but now I’ve got those.  Like, popping fever blisters in my mouth.  Okay, maybe it just feels like they are popping.  No, wonder I am still coughing a bit.  I am also waiting on the chest x-ray results.

So, please forgive me for not feeling like writing a funny, true story at present.  I’ve hardly talked anyone and nothing is being done around the house.

One thing though…when I start to feel like crap and I start to say the words, “I’m going to or I want to die.”  I correct myself and say, “No I’m not.” because:

There is alway’s someone worse off then I.  (I give boxes to children of Operation Christmas Child, I give bags to the Homeless, some people are truly sick with terrible things,etc.)


God isn’t ready for me yet. (at least I hope not.)

Effects of Barium

So, I had my CT Scan today which meant last night before bed I drank a bottle of Berry flavored Barium.  Now, I am one of those weird people who don’t mind the taste.  You could say I actually like it.  The consistency reminds me of Keopectate and surprisingly, I used to like that stuff.  What I didn’t like is that although the reason for it is because the stuff is supposed to coat your stomach so the camera gets a better picture; it also gave me a horrible side effect of diarrhea and became more of a clean-out for me last night so I was up half the night, then I had to drink another bottle this morning 2 hours before the appointment and was in the restroom on and off (mainly on) for an hour and a half.
I’ve also had to drink a LOT of water today.  I know I need to up my water intake but really..
Needless to say, Red Lobster was out but S. did go to Wienerschnitzel even after he had come home and already forgotten (what a great husband.) to get me some dinner.