In A Doctors’ Time

I saw the Nephrologist yesterday and was quite perturbed upon arriving on time and hearing that” He stepped out for a while because no one was here but he should be back in about twenty minutes.  He knew he had patients.  Don’t worry you are the 1st one.”  This is the same doctor that makes people wait 1-3 hours for him and the doctor I re-scheduled last week because I got tired of waiting.  He showed up a little over half hour later and I was the first one seen.                        The appointment went well (as expected).  He doesn’t say much.  He did say to send him over the ingredients of Focus Factor (or I may just send any other Focus Vitamin/Med I may consider) so he can check out the ingredients but he does not agree with natural things since they aren’t proven and I cannot take Ginseng since I’ve had a Kidney Transplant.  The only thing he can recommend for my focus problem due to my ADD is to play Brain Games which I think are the ones by Luminosity so I’ll have to check those out.  I wonder if Solitaire and Slot Machines count because I play those quite often.

I got the inside of the house decorated today and this wknd we are probably going to do the outside.  It shouldn’t take long because we really don’t have much to put up as a lot of it was gotten rid of last year for one reason or another but I did buy something new this year and I will probably buy one thing new every year like I do at Halloween.  I never know if it will be for the inside or out but I’ve been trying to theme the house Snowman pretty much although I do have some Santa and Reindeer as well as a few other things here and there.

It’s funny, I alway’s say I like the Snow but I sure don’t like the cold so I don’t think I could live in it.  I live in So. CA and I am already looking forward to receiving my fleece-lined pants I ordered from Haband.  I am really hoping I don’t have a problem this time.  The last company I ordered them from they fit horrible.  But, I’ve bought clothes from Haband for years so I think they might actually fit this time.  One thing I would like about Snow though is to see it fall, I’ve only seen that happen once in my life and then if I remember correctly, it turned into slush like right after.  To watch an actual Snowflake and maybe to catch it on your tongue might be really magical.

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