Kit Quit?

I live in So. CA and we’ve had at least 4 moderate sized Earthquakes within the last two days.  I’ve lived here all my life and I still hate them.  There were two last night and one was around this time.  It was a 4.5, then another one was right after it.  So, it seemed like it lasted  a while.

Then, this morning we had a 4.4  or they may have dropped that down to a 4.1 with a 3.4 an hour or so later.  Who knows just how many aftershocks we’ve actually had since then nor how many I’m not sure I felt,  but yes, my nerves are still rattled.

The news is alway’s going on about The Big One and being prepared.  But, one can never really be prepared, can they?  I took out my cat’s carrier plus I updated my Earthquake Kit today so it has some gluten-free foods and some foods that are safe to eat and haven’t expired.  But, then I got to thinking.  How many survivor stories have you read or heard about where the person was so thankful they had their Earthquake Safety Kit until help came.?    I mean, it just doesn’t happen.  With our luck, the kit is going to be out of reach and/or we would have to run out to fast anyway.