Recovery, Protein Bar, or ?

My stomach felt really good today until I ate a Tiger’s Milk Protein Bar which is supposed to be safe.  I called the company and they said there is a chance a batch of the Protein Rich (which is one flavor I’m allowed) can get mixed up with one of the other flavors that are not Gluten-Free but usually the utensils are washed thoroughly in between.  I started getting loose stool after eating one yesterday too so I am going to avoid those for a few days and see what happens.  Maybe I haven’t completely healed from the food poisoning episode from last week.  I sure want this Gluten-Free diet to be the solution to my stomach issues.  Although, I’m sure it takes time since it’s been years with no answers and my body really needs to adjust.

I have to admit it was sort of bummer driving by Red Lobster and knowing I could not go there.  Oh, the temptation!  I can only have Shrimp pretty much and while I like Shrimp Scampi, the smell of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits not to mention seeing them on every table in the restaurant would probably drive me crazy.  As soon as I get my gluten-free, all purpose, flour I may just try to make my own biscuits again.

It’s gunny but I bought myself Gluten Free Hot Dogs and potatoes and lots of vegetables but I’m afraid to eat the vegetables because I remember how some or to many vegetables can tear up my stomach, (although I may as well give them a shot) but I’ve been pretty much living on the hot dogs and potato’s lately and I am totally waiting on all the other gluten-free stuff I just spent hundreds of bucks on like the Gnocchi and egg-rolls and more bars and chips or snack foods and pasta’s and rice dishes, etc.  I guess I a need more variety to add to my current variety.