Introducing “Bear”

This is Bear and this is the story of how he came into my life.  With all the excitement of the movie “Ted”, I told Bear he could have some of the limelight.  Yes, he is old and slow but he does his job which is to keep an eye on my cell phone at night and sometimes he holds a small pad of paper and/or a pen under his paw.

There I was at 16 years old sitting at the table looking at the ads in the local paper when I come across an ad for a store having a sale on Teddy Bears.  I said, “Hey Mom, They are having a sale on Teddy Bears.  Will you take me to the store?”  Mom goes, “Who needs  a Teddy Bear, we don’t have children.”  I said, “I’ve always wanted a Teddy Bear.  I only had that old Snoopy which I dragged around by it’s neck.  Please take me.”  (that’s a whole nother story.) Mom took me but she was very nervous about someone seeing her with her 16 year-old-daughter getting a Teddy Bear.  How embarrassing, after all!  She kept saying, “Hurry up.” and “I hope nobody I know see’s me here.” so I played that off as best I could.  I picked up the first bear.  “What do you think of this one?”  My mom didn’t even look our way. “It’s fine.  Let’s go.”  I looked again.  It was not fine.  It’s nose was crooked.  I think it’s eye was too.  Nope, I kept looking.  Mind you, there were so many bears, it was a child’s paradise.  It was Teddy Bear Heaven!  It was a Bear Convention..Well, you get the idea.  Anyway, I kept looking until..I saw him.  Or, he saw me.  I really don’t know who found the other first.  But, he was perfect.  It was “Bear” and he was calling my name to come home.  I was so happy!  I don’t care if mom looked at him or was embarrassed or not.

I still have Bear.  I’ve had him for 32 years.  Unfortunately, he has outlived my mom.  He has been with me through many tears and hardships, as well as brought back this memory time and time again.

So, I just thought I would introduce him to you so he can feel like a celebrity.