Sickly Wknd & Wish List

Another nasty headache day and another two past days of being sick.  Lovely.  I had plans of going to the casino with a friend yesterday but that didn’t happen.  I have like 4 different heart tests coming up per my Cardiologist due to having a heart murmur and irregular or missing beats. He used another word but I don’t remember it.

Anyway, that’s not really what I wanted to discuss today;  I wanted to discuss the Amazon Wish List.  Why?  Because I love it, that’s why!  I think, it’s one of the best inventions ever.  I know every store has a Wish List now. But, with Amazon, you can wish for almost anything and you can buy your friends anything they want too.  There is really no going wrong if they get something from your list.  Just remember to check off whatever you buy if you get it for yourself, first.  I buy things throughout the year and my friends get really surprised when they get things off their lists, plus, some of them have so many things they forget what was on them from a long time ago.  I try to keep my list updated because a lot of my items are from specialty type stores so they run out or just don’t carry them anymore so I have to get creative and keep replacing things.  Plus, when it comes to books; I tend to buy them up quickly because I like to read.


Life at present.

All my pre-tests are done for surgery and my novel is almost complete for Nano.  The ending is tough but it is writing itself.  I do believe I’ve got the ending in my head figured out.  Bad english, let’s try that again… I do believe I have the ending figured out in my head.

My Christmas shopping is completely finished as I do it all on-line.  I even bought a few extra items for people I don’t usually buy for.

Plus, my husband bought me a Wii with the Wii Sports and Sports Resort for an early B-Day present.  It is so cool.  It gets me  off the couch now and really does get me sweating playing bowling and tennis, etc.  I look forward to recovering from surgery and doing even more.

So, that’s life right now, as I know it.

Gluten Free Info

So I found another site that sells Gluten/Wheat Free foods for like 50% off retail price.  Unfortunately, not a lot of actual meal type foods so I have to get creative;  but I am saving a lot of money anyway.

We did go to B.J’ Restaurant & Brewery and Claim Jumper lately and both have Gluten Free Menu’s.   I wish more take-outs did.

I purchased the book, “Gluten Free For Dummies” and it is very informative.  It talks about how you can have all the tests done (which I haven’t) and they can all say you are negative for Celiac but technically, you can still have Celiac Disease.  Sometimes, I wonder because I still have stomach issues even when having had no Wheat or Gluten.  However, I’m not sure it’s been two months yet since I’ve been on this Gluten Free diet so it may not be cleared from my system all the way.  I also read that Gluten can cause headaches, osteoporosis, and even early menopause..all of which I have experienced.  I have noticed lately the headaches have been getting much better. (knock on wood).

Every time I say that I seem to get a migraine within a day or so.) .

Doctors Tests and Patient Covering


Yesterday was my Mammo appointment.  I always fight to go where I do because it is right around the corner from my house practically and they get you in and out really quick.  It is no longer covered by my insurance but they only charge $40.00 cash.  I wish they would figure out another way to do that test.  It seems ridiculous.  I tell S. it’s like smashing his penis between two plates or something.  I don’t know how else to describe it.

Today, I had a Calcium Scan.  The doctor seemed surprised when I told him I didn’t need to take my top off because I didn’t wear a bra.  It was nice to actually wear my sweats instead of that stupid cold, paper top.  They should really come up with better covers for when we go to hospitals or for tests.  You would think after all these years someone would have come up with something that not only looks more attractive but is also much more comfortable.  I think this especially in the OBGYN Office.  It’s ridiculous holding that stupid paper closed and hoping it doesn’t rip before the doctor even enters the room.  Maybe some sort of skirt that opens in the front?  Yeah..I know.. if I don’t do something quickly someone will jump on the idea.  Well, good for them.  Us, ADD people don’t do things quickly but it would sure help us out.

I was wondering if going through to many machines/tests in a week could be harmful to your health.  That is two in two days.  I’m guessing both were Laser related.