Very Interesting Searches

Did you hear the news?  “Tom Leykis said the Miata is gay.”  That’s one of the top searches on WordPress so it must be true and one of the top searches to my site, but if Tom Leykis said it..well, we all must follow and believe.  I used to listen to Tom. .until he left the radio.  That was a sad day in my book.  You know he does make a lot of sense even for women.  It’s to bad, I didn’t listen to him much earlier when I dated (okay, met up with) a guy only on Thursdays.

*Keep it clean please, my friends and family read this page and for those who haven’t heard Tom and don’t know full past history; let’s keep them in the dark of my beautiful reputation*.  Yep, I was this guys Thursday girl and he never really wanted to go anywhere or do anything especially if it meant being in public or with anyone we might know.  God forbid, if it should become boyfriend/girlfriend.  Had I known the Thursday rating at the time; I would have kicked him to the curb before I learned the true meaning of it all. and the fact that he was lying about being in the National Guard or at least going as often as he did and was actually seeing someone else and became “engaged” after telling me he did not want a relationship with anyone.

Anyway, I guess now, Tom says the Miata car is gay.  Sorry, this one I’m not sure I agree with.  Then again, if you mean only when a man drives it.  I do think a Miata is more a woman’s car but it also depends on the year.  I love my beautiful 93 Miata!  She is awesome looking and she is a classic this year.  She is a female and she is definitely not Gay or a Lesbian either.  Thank you very much.



Next search.

“I went to a party and got sore throat.” How terrible for you.  I wake up with sore throat, I get sore throats when people sneeze around me or when I don’t wear my mask while cleaning or, I don’t know.  Who knows how you get a sore throat?  I have one now.  I think we need to gargle supposedly with salt water and use lots of Chloraseptic and don’t talk and..hmm.  I could give lots more advice but you’ve found my site so now you know a lot about sore throats.

There were more interesting searches this time but these were the ones that caught my eye that I thought I would share tonight and of course a picture of my non-gay car.  I named her ‘Miracle’ because it’s a miracle I ever got a convertible.

Dating Memories #1

Let’s leave school for a while ((‘ll come back if I remember something) and talk about least my experiences when dating and how I was raised.  I’m sure a date was a lot different than now; but maybe not.  It was not like Tom Leykis days ((He was on 97.1 KLSX but is now only on the internet..wait, I think he may be on Satellite, I am not sure…Anyway, “Dating did not equal Porking” as he so fondly puts  it.)  I am going to change all the guys names to protect the ..uh…innocent…err..well, we aren’t together anymore so they had to be guilty, right?  Anyway, all names are changed!  I am not discussing the worst one ever!  He scares me.  I am writing a book about him.  Okay, I may gloss over him but it would be probably super quick.  I don’t want to rel-ive it on WP and in print for my book.  I can’t re-live it, this book is taking forever to write and talking about him would be an entire journal.  Anyway..

DatingGames #1

The things you do to impress guys and the ramifications.

We won’t count when I was in Pre-School or 1st grade and my mom got a call from the teacher asking her to talk to me because I was chasing the boys in the yard kissing them.  Oh, the things I did to get the guys attention..

One time, our school had a science fair and the guy I had a crush on was selling baby frogs.   Frogs freaked me out and I was afraid to touch  them but I had to buy them because Snead was selling them.  So I bought some frogs in a jar and brought them home.  My father told me to put them in the back yard.  Well, there were two evils in the back yard.  We had a dog and we had a pool.  There was a gate between the dog and the pool and there were some bushes by the wall on the side of the pool.  I dumped the frogs in the bushes not far from the pool.  Months later, my father asked me, “Do you remember when you got those frogs from school?”  I said,  “Oh yeah, i got them from Snead.  I don’t even like him anymore.”  Dad asked, “Where did you put them?”  I said, “I put them in the bushes by the pool so Pepe wouldn’t eat them.”  Dad said, “Dog’s don’t eat frogs.  Don’t they teach you anything?  That explains why for the last week I’ve found a frog family in the filter of the pool. ”  Needless to say, I felt pretty bad about killing those frogs.