My Trial Is Being Sick

My P/C is back and e-mailed a copy of my latest blood results (from the 16th).   All is well, so  I am not going to stress over a Kidney Infection but I do believe I have a touch of the Flu.  I e-mailed him and asked him what he suggests I get over the counter.  I see no point in going in to see him if there is nothing he  can do.  I am so tired of this though.  Last night, I got a sudden, horrible stomach cramp and partially didn’t make it to the restroom..IBS Tpe.  Refer to an earlier entry so I don’t have to retype the crappy details.  I feel like a child when that happens.  So Gross!  Then my stomach just churned and churned so I took a Tums and  a Gas-X before I went to sleep. 

 The most I got done yesterday was putting away the Christmas decorations and e-mailing my nephew that I never received the present he sent.  There are so many things I want to do and places I want to go but whatever. 

I was sick so often as a child that sometimes as an adult I start to feel sorry for myself;  but that’s my life and that’s the main trial God has chosen me to go through for whatever reason.  You can’t always be happy with the trials he gives you but you have to at least accept them.