Valentines Day Amusement

Valentine’s Day has passed and I must tell you what happened.  My husband came home the night before and  said, “Oh, I got you a card’ and tossed it on the table.  We have discussed before that we don’t really do cards, but whatever.  I had put my whole 5 decorations up in the kitchen and we are going to dinner tonight; but we always go to dinner on…Anyway; I digress.. I said, “Since you so unceremoniously threw the card on the table I will open it now and just sit it around to enjoy for Valentines Day.”  I opened the card and was shocked to discover a PINK rose with a PINK border and some verse about being special.  WTH?  I looked at him.  This was weird.  I was like, “Why did you get me a card with a pink flower on it?  You know I hate PINK and I’m not into flowers.  Couldn’t you have got me a funny card?” and he goes.. “I put a lot of thought into that card.”  Then he looked at me and said, ….WAIT FOR IT…….”Actually R. got the card because he was going to get his wife a Valentines Day card and asked if he wanted me to have him pick one up for you?”  I cracked up.  I told my husband to tell R. he bombed on the card.  R. doesn’t know me at all.  I told S. I want a card if it is a funny card.  That verse didn’t even sound like it came from him.  I still put it on the bottom shelf..but sheesh.  S. isn’t in some high paying position and R. isn’t his personal secretary getting his wife gifts and cards for occasions.

After that, I wrote a list of things S. can get me if he ever wants to surprise me for occasions.  After all, I’ll be turning 50 in two years anyway, if I actually make it to that age.  I e-mailed the list to him and he liked the idea.

So, despite my last Valentine’ Day post, my day did turn out amusing after all..

My Valentine’s Day Post

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  That sappy, syrupy day when you are supposed to be all romantic and dreamy-eyed. Gag Me!  My husband and I are not that way.  Never have been, never will be.  He actually asked me the other day, “When is Valentine’s Day and am I supposed to do something for you?”  I didn’t remember if it was the 12th or the 14th.  I had to look at the calendar.  I’m like, “We don’ tdo that stuff.  I’ll decorate the house with my 5 decorations and we can order pizza or whatever.”  Seriously.

I don’t do candy.  I’m lactose intolerant plus, who needs a box of crap, I mean chocolate.  I love white chocolate but even a box of that would be to much.

We don’t do flowers.  My cat eats them.  She even eats fake flowers.  The last time someone gave me flowers I tried putting them on top of the refrigerator and she got up there and kncoked them down.  I was lucky the vase didn’t shatter.

A stuffed animal?  Nice but not practical, plus, I would have to pick it out and my real animals would probably chew on it if it was too small.  Or, my stuffed bears (I have one I’ve had since I was 16) would get jealous so I really don’t need another bear.

Anything PINK is definitely OUT.  I HATE that color.  I barely allow it in the house.  My niece got offended when I was kidding and told her I wouldn’t let her in the house because her hair was pink.  I can’t believe people color their hair pink…but I digress.  Anyway, I’ve told friends and family, if they ever get me anything pink, be prepared to be hit with it.  I don’t wear it, own it, want it, you get the idea.  I also don’t like lace or any other frilly things or words such as sweet or cute.

Yes people, I am still a girl but definitely not your girly girl. Blah.

So, I wanted to watch Charlie Brown for Valentines Day with my husband.  That’s all I wanted.  Guess what?  We missed it!  Why the heck do they play it on t.v. the wknd before?  Who does that?  Why don’t you play it on Valentines Day or the day before?  It’s on ABC, for crying out loud!  So, I guess I’ll be watching it alone on the internet and then, we may go for a drive or just watch a movie and have pizza.  Maybe a horror movie, definitely, not some sappy one.

For you that enjoy the holiday, Happy Valentines Day!