Marriage Is Forever..Until.

Marriage is forever..until it’s not. It get’s hard. So, he walks away.

In my case, it was the sickness and health that did it. I’m to sick. It’s True! I was born sick. I’ve always been sick. I was sick with a virus or something when he proposed. During the first 3 months we dated I got sick, I had an Appendectomy, and my cat died. But, he said he still loved me and even though I joked and said I might bring him bad luck, he said we would only have good luck after.

Two years later, I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. I needed a transplant. He was the first one tested. He was my perfect match. Now, I’m on Immunosuppressant’s. Things aren’t better. I’m sick all the time. Every cough, flu, cold.. I get it. IMMUNOSUPPRESSANT’S suppress the immune system. You are very susceptible to getting sick. There ya go.

Time passes. I have stomach issues Guess what? I’m wheat intolerant! I guess I’ll go on a gluten-free diet. That helps quite a bit. That cuts down on a lot of our restaurant choices. I’m a Migraine Sufferer and they are getting worse. The seasons, foods, I don’t know why. The doctors keep changing my meds. The meds make me sleep or sick. I NEED help. My husband took me to the hospital a few times for a week to two at a time for headaches, he also took me for fecal issues (gross, I know.), I had to get back on the formula I was on when I was a child due to my metabolic disorder. They think that might help my stomach issues. It may have a little bit but I still have issues. Probably always will. I’ve had an Anal Fissure. I’ve had it removed via surgery. Now, I am going to have a Hysterectomy soon because I have a Vaginal Prolapse? Sex isn’t because of pain. BUT, I’m seeing doctors. I’m waiting for referrals. I’m trying to get help. So:

It isn’t me, it’s him. He doesn’t want to be married anymore. He doesn’t want to take care of me. He doesn’t want responsibility. He doesn’t like hospitals. He isn’t happy. He is willing to stay friends. He wants out.

We are looking at apartments. I will be moving soon. I am taking the animals. My emotions are a mess. How can it be so easy to just walk away because things get hard? What kind of person does this? Where did my husband go? They need to have Separation Ceremonies and Divorce Ones as well like they do Marriage, so people will take their vows more seriously.

Marriage is forever..until it’s not.