Thoughts of Men, Water, and Direction

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I chose not to dwell on that or even think about it really. My Father has been gone since 1995 and God wonders what he would think about this situation I’m in. I used to tell HIM how proud my Father would be that HE was such a good man and so good to me. My father would be so disappointed.

I thought about the men in my life. I haven’t had a lot of positive encounters with men. My brother means well but we are a generation a part and were not raised in the same time period. Our thought processes are much different.

I can’t compare relationships other then to say, they obviously did not work out for one reason or another..most in heartache brought on by the man and my reactions. And now this..

I bought some new water recently. I need to keep drinking a lot of water with my kidney issues, if I want the kidney to continue working correctly. This time I bought Mineral Water, which I love. I wonder if the changing of water type and taste will change the taste of my own tears; at least the salt content? Guess I will find out.

I can finally see the counter in the bathroom as I organize this place. So, that is saying something semi-positive, I guess. Or, at least I can say I am moving in the right direction.


Helping A Stone Pass

Well, I chose a Urologist and have an appointment scheduled this Friday for a consultation.  My husband is taking the day (at least morning) off work and going with me.  The appointment is in Long Beach but after that I can start going to the  office which is closer to my house.

I’ve been reading about the passing of Kidney Stones and making the process easier and I know about not eating extra salt ( I usually don’t) but lately I’ve been snacking on Pumpkin Seeds which I probably should not or won’t be allowed to have anymore  so I had my last serving today.  I also read about needing more vegetables or vegetable juices and more WATER!  I don’t know why I have such a hard time drinking water.  We drink Arrowhead which is my favorite water, and we even have Perrier which I like, but I still have a hard time.

It isn’t so much that it’s water.  It’s any fluid actually.  I guess it’s the fact that drinking a lot of fluid makes me go to the restroom so often and I am in there so often’s just completely annoying.

Effects of Barium

So, I had my CT Scan today which meant last night before bed I drank a bottle of Berry flavored Barium.  Now, I am one of those weird people who don’t mind the taste.  You could say I actually like it.  The consistency reminds me of Keopectate and surprisingly, I used to like that stuff.  What I didn’t like is that although the reason for it is because the stuff is supposed to coat your stomach so the camera gets a better picture; it also gave me a horrible side effect of diarrhea and became more of a clean-out for me last night so I was up half the night, then I had to drink another bottle this morning 2 hours before the appointment and was in the restroom on and off (mainly on) for an hour and a half.
I’ve also had to drink a LOT of water today.  I know I need to up my water intake but really..
Needless to say, Red Lobster was out but S. did go to Wienerschnitzel even after he had come home and already forgotten (what a great husband.) to get me some dinner.