Complaints on Free Help

So, yesterday I mentioned which is a free way to help and get help from others.  I sent a box of things from Walmart directly to a family for Christmas and I feel good.  I don’t remember if the father lost his job or was on disability; but they have a 2 1/2-year-old daughter and the mother is working, yet, they are having trouble making ends meet this year and the bills are hard, so they may not be able to have Christmas for their daughter.  It feels good knowing it is going directly in the hands (or at least believing it is) of someone who really needs it.

Here’s the thing though:

So many people are down on their luck and there are so many stories and families to choose from to help.  Some want money for food or medicine, some want money for trips or just whatever.  Some want specific items and have linked a Walmart Wish List and some, like the family I chose to help, want just “Anything” to put under the tree for the child to make Christmas brighter!  The stories may or may not be true.  You have to believe, trust and have faith that they are.  The people who choose to help do so out of the kindness of their hearts.  Most of us are not rich (far from it) and begging does not necessarily mean your want/need will make it to the top of everyone’s or someone’s delivery.

I read a complaint from someone who has been posting on Aidpage complaining because their need/want has not been met and others have.  What?  I’m so sorry but aren’t we all adults here?  The site is for aged over 18 and it is free.  Is this not like a street person complaining because you gave to the guy at the corner and not to him?  Perhaps, you may want to re-think what you are asking for or the way you are asking for it.  Or perhaps, you are giving the wrong impression and may have to step up.

To conclude: In my opinion, you cannot rely on a website with strangers to solve your problems