Getting Better & Believing

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Steve and I celebrated early by going Gambling.  He surprised me by wanting to play the $1.00 Machine.  This from a man who hates to waste/lose/spend money however he had brought it for that reason.  We wound up gambling $40.00 and bringing home a profit of $160.00.  Can’t beat that.  Okay, we probably could had we stayed longer.  But, that’s the best we’ve ever done so far.

I’ve been feeling much better lately.  I am getting my energy back and am even starting to gain a bit more weight again as my appetite has returned.  This may be due to some of my med changes.  Of course it is annoying to be seeing doctors and having tests done most every day of the week but that’s the cost for good health or at least decent health in my case, I guess and that is where God wants me to be, at present.

Speaking of God and where he wants me to be (I was).  I am so excited because Operation Christmas Child, a division (project) of Samaritan’s Purse run by Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham is having their annual Convention this year in CA and I am going to attend!  I cannot wait and have already booked my hotel room as well as paid my attendance fee.  I have never been to a Convention and everyone attending will be on fire for Jesus as well as the project, plus I may make some new friends which would be a big plus.

Speaking of Jesus, (I don’t know why I love that type of Segway so much) I’ve started seeing a Christian Based Therapist.  I really like that she believes Christ is the center of all.  I do believe this will not only help me with some of the problems in my mind/head but may also help my husband and I together if necessary.  Although,  my husband says he does not believe.. I am not sure he believes that sentence.