Short Health Post

Cedars-Sinai called and I have ‘Hypogammaglobulinemia’.?  It’s a weak immune system and you get 4 hour I.V infusions once a month for like 6 months.  It’s really rare and I guess only like 1 in 4% of people actually get this.  So, now I have two disease type things people can hardly spell or pronounce: Propionic Acidemia and this.

Amusing Spam

I have been sick since the 2nd so I saw my Primary first thing this morning and have been diagnosed as having a minor case of Bronchitis and I will be starting on the Z-Pack.  I’ve had the Z-Pack before and I am actually looking forward to taking it and finally kicking this crap.  I get so tired of being sick after a while.  It sucks when you are on immunosuppressants and get the same stuff over and over again.  Plus, sickness always last longer than everyone else and you just can’t kick it without antibiotics.

Actually, it isn’t just from the transplant and immunosuppressants.  I have been this way all my life due to my metabolic disorder.  I never did get the ‘Perfect Attendance Award’ in school.  I remember my mother telling me that was a stupid award anyway because it encouraged children to go to school while sick and getting everyone else sick.  When I was younger, I would wind up in the hospital with Bronchitis or the Flu for weeks at a time.  At least now I am older, I know how to handle things at home but I still get sick way more than I would like to.  Not that anyone likes being sick.

I’ve had some interesting Spam comments lately.  Obviously, I haven’t approved them.  Yeah, I’s hard to tell sometimes if its Spam, Ham, Pam (what?’), etc.. but where do some of these come from?  One of them keeps telling me my writing has gotten boring to them and they will continue reading if my writing improves because they know I can do better.  Excuse Me!  Did I not mention, this is my real life?  Gosh, I’m so sorry my real life is boring to you.  Out of all the wonderful, exciting blogs out there you can read, I’m sure there are many interesting ones you can find to fill whatever fantasy it is to keep you going.  I’m not going to cater to you one spammer person because you find my blog boring that you are so important that I should change my life posts in order to keep you as a follower.  I am so sorry.

Then, there are the others asking how to like the blog by mobile or what server I am using?  What?  I have no idea.  This is WordPress, is it not?  I am not technological.  You figure it out.  Aren’t those technology questions, you would ask of WordPress?  Of course, we can’t forget the gobbledygook things like:  “This information is newsworthy and I will share it with my friend who is writing about such things and will find it interesting”,  “Your writing is amazing and news is interesting.  I will share with others and come back.”,  “I was searching for sites with news such as this, I will definitely return.”

Isn’t it wonderful?  These people were actually searching for true stories about people who have given change for the bus to those who don’t really need it and they thought it was news-worthy.  Apparently, their friends will too so they are forwarding that one and I may get more readers.  I don’t think so.

I would love to hear about some of your Spam comments.  Don’t you find them a bit amusing?

Health & Animals


I woke up cramping again and when I saw the doctor at CHOC,  they sort of admitted they are stumped.  My protein levels are not really getting any better or maybe my amino-acids..(not sure which) but the stomach issues; nobody seems to know how to handle.  We did have good news in the fact that I’ve gained 4 lbs in the last 3 months, and thanks to that, they have cut my calorie intake to 1700-1800 per day so I don’t have to stress about getting that exact 1800.  That was really tough and I was eating way to late just to reach my goal.  The dietician did mention that some foods without gluten might be good for me plus, I need to order more foods from the low-protein food companies.  I totally need more variety which I am afraid of due to not knowing what will set off my stomach.

In case I haven’t mentioned, I am supposed to give up Olive Oil (although I may need to cut it down first.)  They say it is not good for my disease/gastrointestinal tract.  They say usually this is not a problem however this may be contributing to my stomach problems.  This is a bit tough because I used Olive Oil in everything.  It tastes great and  is supposed to be heart healthy.

It is a cold day today and it will probably rain.  I feel really sorry for the cat next door.  The lady keeps her outside because she poops in the house and one time she found a Possum in her garage so now she’s blocked off the garage and the cat can’t get in.  The poor cat is 19 years old and extremely thin.  The  lady never takes her to the vet and as far as I know never plays with her or gives her much attention.  Her grandchildren do when they come over however, Gracie (the cat) has to fight for her food with the other cats in the neighborhood (yes, her owner does feed her when she gets home from work) and is craving attention.  I sneak treats to her every day except on week-ends because I don’t want her owner to know I am doing so.  Also, since we are re-organizing the house a bit I am going to put Firepie’s old scratching post out by the trash cans in hopes Gracie will find it and sleep in it when she gets cold.  It is one with the holes to go in.  I may wait to put it out though as I don’t think we have a tarp to put over  it to save it from rain.  The worst thing that could happen I guess; is Gracie may not use it and we could house a Possum family in there.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?