It’s My Page and I’ll Post What I Want to.

One of my husbands Spy’s and I believe I know who (although he denies it) has reported to him that I write immature comments on MY FACEBOOK PAGE!  Excuse me but let’s go over this, shall we?  First of all, it’s called, Facebook.  It is MY Page.  My husband is not on Facebook.  I have over 200 so called Facebook Friends.  People write funny, silly, dumb and sometimes even rude things in their status boxes all the time.  There is a box on Facebook  if someone offends you (did I offend you?) that you can check titled, “UnFriend”, click that box and your problem will be over.  After my husband so nicely brought this up to me and suggested that I change the way I write on My Facebook Page and try to be more mature…he was not happy with my response which is the same one I just posted here of the fact that whomever does not like whatever it is I am posting is welcome to Unfriend Me.  We are all adults and I do not see why I have to change who I am to please others on my own internet page.  If people are going to be that sensitive I may as well not talk to anybody from my husbands’ circle at all anymore ever!  That is a stretch, I know..I just really needed to vent on this one.